If you’re keen to work with a company that sees the potential in your early innovation and can apply its in-house expertise  to guide it through its entire development to market, please get in touch.

We offer real, lasting partnership; putting your promising early candidate or medicine at the centre of our attention, whether it is a new chemical entity, new biologic entity or novel therapeutic modality.

We are actively open to early-stage opportunities; from pre-investigational new drug (IND) submission up to and including proof of concept (PoC).

Our current focus is treatments to address high unmet need in pain or the causes of pain. Because we seek to see what others don’t, we also explore the potential for compounds to treat other adjacent conditions or to apply therapies for other conditions in treating pain.

We’re therefore particularly interested in high quality innovations with multiple potential development routes which allow us to leverage deep scientific understanding of relevant mechanisms in neuroscience and inflammation.

Being part of the privately owned Mundipharma network of independent associated companies enables us to take a longer-term view and a more tailored, intimate approach. It also ensures we can mobilise a considerable reserve of scientific, market and system knowledge at different stages of a medicine’s development.

We see our partners as the co-creators of our pipeline. We understand that partners want to work in different ways and so we have a flexible approach to how we structure our partnerships.

Talk to us about a partnership

Contact us now on [email protected] to explore how we can work together to fully realise the potential of your idea in ways that create lasting value for patients, payers and healthcare systems worldwide. Please include:

  • whether you represent an academic or corporate entity
  • the type of innovation you are working on (e.g. small molecule, antibody)
  • its stage (e.g. idea, preclinical research, clinical phases)
  • what you are looking for (e.g. advice, partnership, funding)
  • any non-confidential information you are prepared to share with us at this stage

We look forward to hearing from you and will respond as soon as we can.