Clinical trials

Mundipharma Research Limited (hereafter referred to as “Mundipharma Research”) is committed to openness and transparency in scientific research. In compliance with global requirements, we register and share the results of our studies on appropriate publicly accessible clinical trial registries.

Our clinical study results are posted in line with the standards defined by / EudraCT.  Non-interventional studies are registered on the EU PAS Register and results of such studies are posted there within one year of the study end. Click on the boxes below to access these registries.

As per relevant internationally recognised good publication guidelines, Mundipharma Research may present the results of scientific and biomedical research at national and international congress and aims to publish all study results, irrespective of their outcome, in peer-reviewed scientific journals as per the principles set out in our  publications policy.

Mundipharma Research commits to contributing to the medical knowledge base and advancement of scientific research by sharing patient-level clinical trial data in our data sharing policy.

If you are a patient or a doctor participating in one of our clinical trials and would like to learn more about how we handle your personal data, please click here.