Mundipharma Research work collaboratively with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations for the benefit of patients. Such interactions are essential for our research and development activities, including our clinical trial programme. We also believe that we have achieved a better understanding of pain, respiratory disease, cancer and other therapy areas, and are better equipped to advance treatments in these therapy areas, than we could ever have achieved alone.

Throughout this collaboration, Mundipharma Research make payments to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations directly, as well as through clinical research organisations, agencies and other third parties. Whilst payments are primarily made in connection with research and development work (including clinical trials, non-clinical studies, and non-interventional studies), we may also reimburse healthcare professionals for attending meetings and conferences that contribute to their continued professional development and provide donations to healthcare organisations.

We are committed to ensuring that our relationships with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations are transparent. We will therefore provide on this website disclosure of the transfers of value made to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations (“TOV’s”) in keeping with the UK and German national codes implementing the EFPIA Code on Disclosure of Transfers of Value from pharmaceutical companies to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations. These national codes require the member companies of the relevant pharmaceutical association (the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) in the UK and the Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle für die Arzneimittelindustrie e.V. (FSA) in Germany) to make aggregate disclosure of TOV’s relating to research and development work, and individual disclosure where possible for other professional consultancy and advisory services and sponsorships. Whilst Mundipharma Research are not members of the ABPI or FSA, we believe in their objective of increased transparency. The disclosures on this website will relate to Mundipharma Research’s TOV’s from 2015 onwards.

Methodology for disclosing Transfers of Value from 2016

The TOV’s disclosed will include payments made to healthcare professionals for professional services such as investigator meetings, participation in research studies, participation in advisory board meetings, any sponsorship of attendance at meetings or conferences, as well as expenses. Details of any donations, grants and benefits in kind made to healthcare organisations will also be disclosed. Any individual disclosures do not include payments made directly to healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations, or third party intermediates such as Contract Research Organisations that act on behalf of Mundipharma Research, relating to research and development work. All TOV’s relating to research and development work (“R&D”) are disclosed as an aggregate amount.

For any non-R&D related TOV’s, legally healthcare professionals have to give their informed consent for Mundipharma Research to disclose TOV’s on an individual basis. Such consent is sought on an annual basis, after the TOV has taken place. Where recipients of TOV’s cannot be identified for legal reasons, the amount attributable to such transfers will be disclosed on an aggregate basis. The number of recipients involved will be stated together with the percentage of all recipients that they represent and the aggregate amount attributable to TOV’s to such recipients.

The details of these TOV’s are pulled together from our internal finance system and information provided by our clinical research partners. Data is then extracted to populate the template you will find below. This template has been adapted from the template provided by the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA) who administer The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry’s (ABPI) Code of Practice. Payments are reported in GBP starting 2018. All prior year payments were reported in EUR. Where payments were made in other currencies; Mundipharma Research has used its own internal currency exchange rate to convert the amount to the reporting currency. Details of these exchange rates are available on request. All amounts disclosed are exclusive of VAT. Disclosures for the previous year will be made within 6 months of the following calendar year. E.g. all TOV’s for the calendar year 2017 will be made public by end June 2018 at the latest. Each annual statement will contain all Transfers of Value that took place in the reporting period. A TOV is deemed to have taken place if an invoice has been received, whether or not it has been paid. This information will remain on this website for at least three years from the time of disclosure.

Disclosure Year 2018

Disclosure Year 2017

Disclosure Year 2016

Disclosure Year 2015

Approved: 21st June 2019